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Part 1 Land Compensation Act 1973

The Land Compensation Act 1973 Part 1 enables property owners to claim Compensation if the value of their property is reduced owing to the use of a new or improved road, railway or public works, provided that no land has been acquired from them for the construction of the road or railway.

Compensation under Part 1 of the land Compensation Act 1973 is payable only in those circumstances where the reduction in the value of a property has been caused by an increase in 'physical factors' Physical Factors include noise, dirt and dust, fumes, artificial lights and vibrations from vehicles using the road or railway.

Compensation is not payable under the Land Compensation Act 1973 for any disturbance during the construction of the road or for factors such as loss of view, loss of privacy or inconvenience caused by a new road or by its construction.

When acting on your behalf we will handle all aspects of the claim, from the submission of your claim form to the Highway Authority to the negotiation of a compensation settlement.


























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