Part 1 Land Compensation Act 1973

The Land Compensation Act 1973 Part 1 enables property owners to claim Compensation if the value of the property is reduced owing to the use of a new road or railway.

Provided that no land has been acquired from them for the construction of the road or railway.

Compensation under Part 1 of the land Compensation Act is payable only in those circumstances there the reduction in the value of their property has been caused by an increase in 'physical factors' include dirt and dust fumes, artificial lights and vibrations from vehicles using the road or railway.

Compensation is not payable under the Land Compensation Act for any disturbance during the construction of the road or for factors such as loss of view, loss of privacy or inconvenience caused by a new road.

When acting on your behalf we will handle all aspects of the claim, from submission of the claim form to the Highway Authority to the value of your claim and all negotiations with the Highway Authority.


Compensation for Electricity Pylons and Electricity Cables

If you have an electricity pylon or electricity cable passing over your land or passing close to your land you may be entitled to compensation from the electricity company that owns the equipment.

When an electricity company has equipment on or over a property owners land they will often have a terminal 'wayleave' agreement giving them temporary right to place their equipment on or over the land.

Future owners of the land can cancel these agreements and potentially have this equipment removed. However the electricity company may use statutory powers under the Electricity Act 1989 to keep their equipment on the land.

If they are successful keeping their equipment on the land they must pay the landowner compensation. Many electricity companies however will by negotiation will allow property owners to convert these temporary agreements to permanent agreements.

These permanent agreements are known as 'easements' and gives the electricity company the right to keep their equipment on the land permanently. When entering into to permanent 'easements' they will pay the land owner compensation for the effects that their equipment has had on the value of the land or property.

When acting on your behalf in this respect we will determine if you are eligible to make a claim for compensation. If eligible we carry out a valuation of your claim and submit this to the electricity company.

We will then carry out all negotiations with the electricity company's agents to secure you the best possible compensation achievable.


Compulsory Purchase of residential property

Acquiring authorities have power under various acts to compulsory purchase property. Compulsory purchase powers may be used for a number of reasons. Road and Rail improvement schemes, property clearance and property regeneration.

The various acts lay down a set of rules for compensating who have had legal interests compulsory purchased, based upon putting that individual into a similar position to that they were in before they lost their interest, either by compensating them in monetary terms and / or providing them with temporary accommodation.

If acting on your behalf we will value your claim under the various heads of claim and carry out negotiations with the acquiring authority or their agents.